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We are not the couch-locked stoner caricature sketched by politicians with a hidden agenda and a lack of imagination. We are diverse. We are free thinkers. We are achievers. And we are not here to scare your parents. We believe that cannabis is more than just a plant. Above all, we believe that cannabis is a catalyst to experience, to curiosity, to culture, to the community, and to health. It’s not about the plant. It’s about what you choose to do with it. Mail Order Marijuana, Buy Weed Online, Buy Recreational Weed Online, Buy Marijuana Online, Buy Cannabis Buds online, Order Medical Marijuana Buds Online safely and discreetly to your doorstep. Green Ganja House makes it possible for cannabis users to widely mail order marijuana discreetly to their preferred locations. Green Ganja House exists to empower our users to use cannabis to transform their bodies, minds and souls.

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Topical Cannabis – Ointments and Creams

CBD – Many products CBD or THC/CBD


Hey There! We wanted to bring you a selection of products just for you! Cannabis was never just for the fellas, so here we have brought you some of your favourites! These items are hand picked by the great women of our staff, with care especially for you!