Rise and Shine: Starting the Day at The Farm

As an employee at The Farm, my day begins early. I wake up in Rio Vista, CA, eager to start my shift at our local cannabis dispensary. After a quick breakfast, I hop in my car for the short drive to work.

Morning Routine: Preparing for Customers

Upon arrival, I greet my coworkers and begin our opening procedures:

  • Checking inventory
  • Cleaning display cases
  • Reviewing daily specials
  • Ensuring our point-of-sale system is ready

We take pride in offering top-quality products to our customers in Vallejo, Antioch, and beyond.

Midday Rush: Serving Our Community

As lunch approaches, we see an influx of customers. Many are regulars, searching for “marijuana near me” and finding The Farm as their go-to spot. We assist everyone from medical patients to recreational users, always prioritizing education and responsible use.

Afternoon Lull: Continuous Learning

During quieter afternoon hours, we take the opportunity to expand our knowledge. Today, I’m studying the latest research on cannabis strains popular in Del Rey Oaks and Salinas. This helps us provide better recommendations to our diverse clientele.

Evening Wind-Down: Reflecting on the Day

As closing time nears in Santa Cruz, we begin our end-of-day procedures. I reflect on the conversations I’ve had, the people I’ve helped, and the positive impact we’re making in the community.

Working at The Farm isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to be part of a growing industry that’s changing lives. Whether you’re looking for a “pot store” or a “dispensary near me,” we’re here to guide you through the world of cannabis with expertise and care.

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