Take a whimsical ride through the world of recreational herbs, because – wait for it – weed are going on an adventure! Our journey starts at Cannabis Dispensary La Luz, NM & High Rolls, NM. Hold on tight as we roll into Tularosa & Alamogordo. No, it’s not a desert mirage but our trusty cannabis store here to service your green needs and fuel our fascinating expedition.

Onwards to Holloman AFB, a magical recreational cannabis dispensary. Don’t be fooled by the military façade, friendlies only here! Our last stop, Boles Acres Pot Shop: the pièce de résistance of our high journey. It’s more than a weed dispensary; it’s a beacon on our green odyssey.

S&H GreenLife is your dependable partner in this herb-tastic journey, turning dreams into reality every puff of the way. Get ready to meet your higher self – because with S&H GreenLife, every moment is a ‘high five’. Don’t be shy, pick your strain, and the sky is the limit. Buckle up New Mexico, we’re painting the town green!

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