When you think of a typical day as a dispensary employee, visions of endless bags of marijuana probably cloud your judgment. But work at Altius Dispensary is so much more than that. Here’s a glimpse of how my day usually goes.

Morning Begins: Receipts and Resourcing

The day starts early at our Cannabis store. Being a morning person helps! Preparing the shop for the day requires precision – from meticulously checking and cross-verifying inventory receipts to ensuring each shelf is adequately stocked with diverse strains of recreational weed. It’s not all glamorous but it’s integral to offering you the amazing variety we do at Altius.

Mid-Day Rush: Sales Support and Customer Guidance

As lunch time rolls around, so does the peak rush. Customers from Lake Villa, IL tend to stroll in for their midday break. During these hours, sales support becomes paramount. Every customer is different, and every customer’s needs are unique. Engaging with customers, understanding their preferences, delivering personalized guidance about various products – it’s all part of the job. The aim is to ensure the customers get what they seek, sometimes even if they aren’t sure of what they want from our pot shop.

Afternoon Undertakings: In-Store Activities and Events

The afternoon usually brings in customers from Fox Lake, IL, and Round Lake, IL. We strive to engage with them through in-store activities and awareness events about responsible marijuana use. It’s not just about selling; being a resource of fair and accurate information is equally important to us.

Evening Engagements: Inventory and Training

Closing time doesn’t mean the end of work. Evening hours are dedicated to inventory restocking and ensuring the marijuana dispensary is ready for the next day. Simultaneously, training sessions for the team are arranged to delve deeper into product knowledge and customer service. We believe in growing our knowledge, as fast as Cannabis grows in Kenosha, WI, Mundelein, IL & Pleasant Prairie, WI!

Altius Dispensary employees always strive to provide the highest level of service in the market. Yes, it’s a demanding job, but the fulfilling interactions with our customers, our constant pursuit for knowledge, and our dedication to offering complete information about our products, make every day an invigorating experience.

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