East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost is a brand with a mission- bringing you the highest quality cannabis products in Kittery, ME. Committed to revolutionizing the cannabis industry, the Kittery-based store provides customers with a wide portfolio of cannabis products. These range from various strains of cannabis to noteworthy cannabis-based products, combining quality with user experience.

A Prime Cannabis Dispensary in Kittery, ME

Also acting as a robust cannabis dispensary, their understanding of legal cannabis products is unrivaled in the area. The expert staff is always ready to provide consumers with education on product usage and benefits, ensuring a positive cannabis experience for all.

In addition to their cannabis business, East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost also manages a craft beer store in York Cliffs, ME. This location, a favorite among locals and tourists alike, offers a curated selection of brewed delights, adding the enjoyment of quality craft beer to their brand’s offerings.

Merging Cannabis and Craft Beer in Eliot, ME

Their mark on Eliot, ME, is visible with the incorporation of cannabis culture and crafted beers, encouraging locals to explore new taste familiarities. The convergence of these two seemingly different industries creates an exciting and unique experience for all customers. 

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