In 2006, a visionary company flipped the script in Los Angeles, CA by bringing the good old green to the sunny beaches of Southern California. Basking in the golden sunlight, MMD Shops, like an oasis in the Hollywood desert, has become the epitome of the phrase “good times”.

Light Up the Town in Marina Del Rey or Cruise Down Long Beach: Your Choice!

The beauty of MMD Shops lies in its widespread locations that cover Hollywood, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, CA, and Burbank, CA. A quintet of fun and freedom, each outlet speaks the universal language of recreational marijuana. Now, who needs a compass when you’ve got MMD Shops to point you towards jubilation? From Medical Marijuana LA to recreational weed, they’ve got it all!

In conclusion, anyone who needs a dose of sunshine in their life and a spark of green-leafed joy in their days, every journey to Southern California is incomplete without the MMD Shops. Over the past 15 years, MMD Shops has expanded from a single cannabis dispensary to a large and trusted chain. And remember, while we enjoy the liberating experience, we spread love, not smoke.

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