Welcome to East Coast Cannabis, your premier destination for Medical and Recreational Cannabis located in the serene town of Lebanon, ME. We take immense pride in providing a vast selection of high-quality, responsibly-sourced cannabis products.

As a pioneer in the burgeoning world of medical and recreational cannabis, we understand the importance of in-depth education and personalized guide to assist you in making the right choices. Our highly educated and committed staff are ever ready to assist you, ensuring each of our products meet your unique needs and enhance your well-being.

We promote responsible use, advocating for medical cannabis as a natural alternative for health and wellness. For the recreational user, East Coast Cannabis offers numerous ways to experience the gratifying effects of cannabis.

Whether you’re a medical patient seeking relief or a recreational user exploring the landscape of cannabis, we invite you to join us in our Lebanon location. Step into a world of cultivation and creativity with East Coast Cannabis.

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